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Beaver Lake Estates 

Beaver Lake Estates is a summer recreational community located within a two hour drive of New York City, near the city of Monticello, in the heart of the Catskill Mountains.  Our 80 plus member families enjoy over 400 acres of wooded grounds including our 60 acre namesake lake. Our families reside in detached all weather homes clustered around our facilities with access to their home year round.  In addition, Beaver Lake accommodates seasonal renters by offering "bungalow" style residences.  We are also the summer home of our day camp counselors and waterfront staff. We welcome the steady and continuous flow of friends, family and guests who enjoy their stay for hours or days.  

Our Mission:

To be the premier summer resort and recreation community choice for Modern Orthodox Jewish families. Since 1982 Beaver Lake Estates has been providing enjoyable recreation, safe environment, and unforgettable experiences for every member, seasonal renter, child, adult and guest. This year commemorates our 40th year and we overjoyed and hope to have many more wonderful summers ahead!

We are Committed:
TO PROTECT the quality of our environment and in particular our spectacular lake

TO BEAUTIFY our grounds and facilities through proactive management

TO PROVIDE exceptional social and recreation activities to all our members, renters, and guests

TO KEEP our membership informed 

To learn more about our community, visit Beaver Lake Estates

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